Teacher Testimonials

Oklahoma Toffee Company has provided classroom supplies for teachers all over the state of Oklahoma. 20% of the profits from each bag sold go directly to helping teachers across the state with supplies that directly impact student learning. 

Thank you Oklahoma Toffee Company for caring about students in our community. We are so pumped to have these supplies. Keep helping teachers. You are making a big difference!

Ms. Sales Union Public Schools

I am so grateful to Oklahoma Toffee Company for the supplies! They will be a huge help in my class while we work in our interactive notebooks, because we use scissors and glue a lot! Several students do not have scissors or glue and I did not have enough to share with every student. Thank you again! We need more companies like this!
-Courtney E., Bixby Public Schools

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you so much Oklahoma Toffee Company for coming to my classroom and delivering flashlights (for Flashlight Friday!). My kids love them!
Shelly Y., Inola Elementary

-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you Oklahoma Toffee for the wonderful donation of bean bag chairs and electric pencil sharpeners for my 5th grade students! We are so excited to receive these for our classroom. I am truly amazed by your generosity to Oklahoma teachers. You are making a difference in our schools. Thank you!
Shannon H., Northwood Elementary, Seminole Public Schools

I want to say thank you to Anthony and the Oklahoma Toffee organization for their donation of lead and pencils to our classroom. It's a big deal. Anthony did a great job encouraging our students and we were able to present him with cards of appreciation. I wish you all the best of luck  in helping teachers and selling toffee.
-Mrs. Bachtel - 5th Grade - Owen 

Thank you Oklahoma Toffee! I actually didn't expect to get the supplies so fast. We're so thankful for these Ozbots Science Robots and Computer Coding Pens. Computer science and coding are really important skills for students to acquire. They need to be prepared for careers in the 21st century. These supplies will help with that. I support these guys.
-Ms. Key - 2nd Grade, McAuliffe Elementary, Union Public Schools
Thank you so much for purchasing magnetic building tiles for my first grade classroom. My students will be so excited to explore and build with our new math manipulatives. Your generosity and kindness is greatly appreciated. Oklahoma Toffee Company you are the best!
-Jayme L., Caney Valley Elementary

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Oh my! What a nice treat! Thank you Oklahoma Toffee Company. My Pre-K class at Lewis and Clark in Tulsa are so excited for their new alphabet resources. I constantly have to update my learning stations and the Alpha Robots, ABC Cookies, Lacing Letters, and Fishing for the Alphabet will provide my little ones such fun ways to learn!
-Amanda T., Lewis and Clark Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Talesa H. from Mannford Public Schools teaches 4th grade self contained. She received seat wobble cushions to allow her students the flexibility to move and wiggle while working at their seats. 

Amelia B. from Collinsville Public Schools teaches 3rd grade and received seat wobble cushions and kick bands for her student desks. This allows for a more flexible environment for students who need a little of "wiggle" room. 

Helen V. from Mannford Public Schools received pencil sharpeners, replacement sharpener blades and erasable pens for grading. These will come in handy with her 4th grade class. 
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I teach middle school Spanish and our students needed new "real" Spanish dictionaries. I can't tell you how much I appreciate it! 
-Diana M., Piedmont Middle School
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------One of my co-workers told me about Oklahoma Toffee and their mission. I got so excited. I contacted them not knowing what to expect and was so thrilled that they were able to meet my supply needs. Something as simple as pencils and a mailbox organizer has helped my students stay on track. We need more organizations like this one. I'm definitely a fan!
-Emily B., Lynn Wood Elementary, Broken Arrow Public Schools
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. Because of your donation, I am able to create a more flexible environment for my students to learn, create and grow. My Kindergarteners love sitting on the floor to work on centers, read books and create art with our colorful lap desks. I am so grateful for the mission behind Oklahoma Toffee Company and their belief in supporting teachers and kids in our state. We couldn't do it without you!                
-Julianne H., Rockwood Elementary, OKCPS
I want to extend a big thank you to Oklahoma Toffee Company. I received a new pencil sharpener which as you know is an amazing gift for any teacher!! As well as having file organizers with folders, pencils, and letter trays. As a second year teacher this will help my classroom stay organized. I'm so thankful to be blessed by such sweet people! Thank you so very much!
-Jennifer M., Mounds Middle School
I am a kindergarten teacher. Each year I spend money on supplies or materials that wear out for my classroom. I noticed my magazine holders were falling apart!... The owner of Oklahoma Toffee Company contacted me and told me she would purchase the magazine holders. She even met me at school and brought them to me. She told me she and her husband started the Oklahoma Toffee Company to help teachers purchase supplies/materials for their classrooms. I believe that are making a huge difference in our community and in education. I am blown away by the whole experience. Words cannot even express how my heart feels.
-Janelle S., Darnaby Elementary, Union Public Schools
The students love the bean bag chairs that were donated to our classroom. Having an extra place to sit that's not a traditional desk is wonderful. Thank you so much Oklahoma Toffee Company!
-Stephanie L., Owasso Public Schools 
I was amazed at how simple it was to fill out the application! I was even more impressed with the response time. Within 24 hours, I received an email saying that my project had been chosen to be funded! The whole process was simple and stress-free. I can't thank Oklahoma Toffee Company and their customers enough for helping provide newer resources for students, so their learning experience is more engaging and enriching. Thank you!
Stephen W., Anderson Elementary, Tulsa Public Schools
The Oklahoma Toffee Company has generously donated 25 carpenter bags that I use for my classroom as desk organizers. The kids put their library books in these to keep them from getting shoved in desks which results in torn covers and pages. This has really been a seamless and easy process. Thank you Oklahoma Toffee Company for supporting teachers, every little bit helps!
-Stephanie L., Mannford Public Schools
Dana S. with Tulsa Public Schools received headphones for her students to use while learning content on the computers. 
The Owasso Speech and Debate team is eternally grateful to the Oklahoma Toffee Company. Our team didn't have the money to purchase new materials to make us competitive at tournaments and because of their generosity, we will now have a chance to win more at tournaments. Thank you for the purchase of our acting books. They will continue to inspire students to succeed for years to come.
Vicki E., Owasso High School  

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the Oklahoma Toffee Company for the organizer tubs for our self-contained classroom. The students are gaining confidence in their organizational skills and have a heightened sense of responsibility. They have done an excellent job of working as a team to keep the tubs in order. My class of 24 has benefitted tremendously with your help.
-Shelley W., Mannford Public Schools